Using Social Media To Wow Your Customers

August 28, 2015

Using Social Media To Wow Your Customers

At Horton Group, we believe our job as inbound marketers is far from over after closing a purchase. In fact, our favorite part of marketing is making our clients say “Wow!” (no seriously).

A common pitfall in any marketing strategy is failing to continue conversations with consumers after they have made purchases. Continuing conversations with customers and creating value after purchase builds brand loyalty among current customers and attracts new customers to your doorstep.

Social media offers one of the best avenues to engage both current and future customers. A solid social media marketing strategy turns existing customers into brand promoters who will tell the world about you and bring you your next customers. Here are just a few strategies to begin meaningful engagement with your audience.

Exclusive Marketing Offers to Fans and Followers

One way to increase your social audience and reward your most loyal customers is to offer exclusive deals and discounts on social media. Exclusive offers tell followers of your brand that you value their business. Make your customers feel like family. Let them know that when someone becomes your customer, they are a part of the brand’s family, and when you are a part of the family, you get treated like family.

Be Social – Ask Good Questions (And Give Good Answers)

Wondering how to make your business better? Ask your followers on social media! Your customers are your best source of information for quality improvement. Constantly asking for feedback on customer experience is another great way to make your audience feel like a part of your brand family. Honest attempts to know and understand the needs and wants of your buyer persona will always pay off.

On top of asking good questions, answer the questions of your audience! Consistently monitor your social media platforms and promptly respond to any post or tweet addressed to your business, especially if the consumer has had a negative experience with your business (we could write a whole other post about this. In fact, we just might…). In short, respond promptly, apologize to the customer, and make him/her feel heard.

Host a Competition

Hosting competitions on social media increases engagement and excites your audience. Pair your competition with a reward ($50 gift card, half off “x,” free “y”) and ask you audience to participate. Some ideas include a photo/video competition, responding to a question you pose on social media or asking your audience to come up with the next great idea for your business! No matter what though, make it fun.

Cover Events on Social Media

If your business hosts or attends events, take photos and share the experience with your audience! Does your team spend time together on or off the clock? Share what your team is up to on social media. However, always make sure the post is appropriate (depends on your business). General rule of thumb — avoid explicit language, do not references to illegal activity and stay true to your company voice.

Show Your Human Side

At the end of the day, every point made in this blog post has one goal — make your brand more loved and more accessible for your customers. Consumers feel more valued when they see the faces behind the company, and more than that, consumers feel valued when those faces ask them what they want.

Very few companies do a better job of being human than Southwest Airlines. Just last May, Peggy Uhle had boarded a flight to from Chicago to Columbus when a flight attendant asked her to get off the plane. After getting the woman off the plane, Southwest officials informed her that her son was in critical condition after a car crash in Denver. Southwest had already booked her and her luggage on a nonstop flight to Denver set to leave in 2 hours, and for those 2 hours before the flight, Southwest prepared a private waiting area for her and packed her a lunch for when she got off in Denver.

If you make a whole-hearted effort to treat your customers feel like family, you customers will notice, and they will love you for it.

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